What Is Acai With Guarana

Guarana, you may have heard of it, but do you know what it is? Many people have asked us, “What is Acai with Guarana?”. Here at Tambor we currently offer two consumer styles of frozen acai pulps, Traditional Acai and Acai Mix. The Acai Mix packs are our premium organic acai with guarana and a hint of organic cane juice for a little sweetness. More about this small fruit that packs a powerful punch with its unique properties, below!



Guarana History

Guarana is a shrub native to South America. Like our acai, it’s mainly found in the lush Amazon forests of Brazil. The small fruit or berry is red in color and grows in clusters. As it ripens, the berry splits revealing a back seed resembling an eye, and which many legends are told. South American Indian tribes were known to have used Guarana for centuries, utilizing it to prepare various foods, drinks, and medicines. Throughout the centuries it’s medicinal uses have been explored further and passed down to settlers and later European researchers. Guarana today is used around the world. It’s widely know throughout Brazil, and can commonly be found in a very popular beverage there called Guaraná Antarctica.

Guarana Uses

From RainTree.com, “In the United States today, guaraná is reputed to increase mental alertness, fight fatigue, and increase stamina and physical endurance. Presently, guaraná is taken daily as a health tonic by millions of Brazilians, who believe it helps overcome heat fatigue, combats premature aging, detoxifies the blood, and is useful for intestinal gas, obesity, dyspepsia, fatigue, and arteriosclerosis. The plant, considered an adaptogen, is also used for heart problems, fever, headaches, migraine, neuralgia, and diarrhea. Guaraná has been used in body care products for its tonifying and astringent properties, and to reduce cellulite. Guaraná also has been used as an ingredient in shampoos for oily hair and as a ingredient in hair-loss products. In Peru the seed is used widely for neuralgia, diarrhea, dysentery, fatigue, obesity, cellulite, heart problems, hypertension, migraine, and rheumatism.”

Main Actions
– stimulant
– antioxidant
– memory enhancer
– nervine (balances/calms nerves)
– cardiotonic (tones, balances, strengthens the heart)

Main Uses
– as a caffeine stimulant for energy
– as a weight loss aid (suppresses appetite and increases fat-burning)
– for headaches and migraines
– to tone, balance, and strengthen the heart, as a blood cleanser, and to reduce/prevent sticky blood and blood clots
– as a refrigerant (lowers body temperature) to prevent overheating and heat stroke

Acai With Guarana

As you can see, the extract of Guarana is used in many ways throughout the world. Here at Tambor we’ve mixed our Acai with Guarana to give you a unique blend of these powerful fruits. Guarana has a subtle flavor that compliments the acai. One of our team members mentioned that “it’s like vanilla extract in chocolate chip cookies – a nice background effect that completes the flavor”, which is a great way to describe it. In our Acai Mix, we’ve incorporated just enough Guarana to compliment the flavor of the acai without overdoing it. Guarana is also known for it’s natural caffeine content, though in our acai packs, there’s less than a decaf cup of coffee.

To learn even more about Acai and Guarana as plants, here’s a couple great resources: