We are a passion-driven company dedicated to delivering organic açaí of unprecedented quality to the international marketplace.

For us, a day without açaí sends life out of rhythm. That’s why we named our company Tambor, which is Portuguese for drum. In Brazil, drums play an important role in the culture, setting the beat to which people live, work, and celebrate. Açaí is like that. It’s a good rhythm, a steady constant for life in the Amazon. Today our organic açaí pulp is enjoyed by a passionate following around the world.

We support our harvesters and hold a deep respect for the authenticity of açaí and the rainforest it comes from. We aim to promote a sustainable, healthy lifestyle for our customers, suppliers, and local community.


Our açaí berry pulp purees are made pure and simple from premium, wild harvested, certified organic ingredients. To ensure the absolute best açaí in nutrition and taste, we craft our products free of fillers or soy additives, making Tambor truly one of a kind.

At Tambor, we are driven by a passion for quality açaí and healthy living. We encourage our customers and suppliers to join us as we continually seek ways to improve our community and the world around us.

Keep your Life in Rhythm!


Daniel & Talita

Helping the World Around Us


Our products are pure and simple.

We use wild-harvested acai that is certified organic and Non-GMO Project Verified. To ensure the absolute best acai pulp in nutrition and taste, we craft our products free of unnecessary soy fillers or thickeners.


We’re preserving the Amazon.

Harvesting wild acai has become a sustainable alternative to industries that have been destroying the Amazon.


We care about our community.

We’re committed to our harvesters, customers, and community members by maintaining fair wages, promoting sustainable and organic practices, and providing education about natural, organic eating.