Tambor Acai giving to the community of Kauai.

Giving Thanks: Waipa Foundation

Tambor Acai was founded with a mission to provide the highest quality acai available and help support communities around the world.  If you’ve had a look around our site you’ve probably read about our acai.  It is true that eating an antioxidant-rich food like acai is helping people be healthier and feel better.  Knowing that our products contribute to a healthier, more ethical food chain is what drives us day in and day out.  But once a year we have the chance to make a meaningful financial contribution to a Non-Profit Organization.  As members of 1% for the Planet this is how we give back.

This year we made a financial contribution to an organization called the Waipa Foundation, located on Tambor’s home island Kauai.  The mission of the Waipa Foundation is to serve as a Native Hawaiian learning and community center where people can renew their ties to the land through working together to restore the ahupua’a of Waipa.  An ahupua’a is a Native Hawaiian term for natural and social division of land, a natural community, often running from the mountain to sea.

Waipa Foundation is involved in local food production, cultural education, and is in the process of building a community commercial kitchen.  We are thankful to be able to support this organization.  But truly we must offer thanks to our customers and advocates as well. Without them we would not be able to make such a contribution.  In a sense,  everyone who ate a Tambor Acai bowl is connected to this gift.  We thank you all.  Aloha



Tambor Acai supports the Waipa Foundation on Kauai









On Kauai? Visit Waipa

“Waipa is a living learning center, and we love to host organized groups from Hawaii and beyond that are interested in contributing to the work while learning about the Hawaiian culture and environment (and the relationships between the two) through hands-on experience. Note: groups that visit usually work hard and get dirty!”