Tambor Served Here – The Juice Truck, Canada

Did you know that Tambor Acai is served in Canada? We have quite a few accounts there in fact, and this week we’re featuring one we know you’ll definitely want to check out when you’re there. The Juice Truck was founded by two friends, Zach Berman and Ryan Slater. Their love for travel and wellness in other cultures was a big inspiration behind their menu. Read more about them below!

Photo: Alison Page
Photo: Alison Page

What is The Juice Truck all about?

The Juice Truck is community driven, plant based lifestyle cafe. We launched Canada’s first Cold Pressed Juice bar in 2011 in Vancouver and have since evolved into a plant based cafe concept with breakfast, lunch, smoothies, bowls and supplements. Childhood friends Zach Berman and Ryan Slater founded the company after finding inspiration while on a backpacking trip through Nepal, India and Sri Lanka. Snowed in, in a small mountain town in Nepal called Manang, they noticed the locals were drinking a vibrant orange coloured drink. The drink was made from seabuckthorn berries, a berry that is able to grow at high altitude under extreme conditions. The local community depended on this juice for much of their daily nutrients. From that moment on, Zach and Ryan were inspired to seek out the local health secrets and remedies wherever they travelled. While on this trip, they got really into the juice carts throughout India. When they got back to Vancouver in 2010, they took all that they learned through their travels and turned these ideas into what became The Juice Truck.

What is your first memory of trying acai?

Co Founder, Zach Berman travelled through South America when he was 20. He first tried Acai in Brazil and was immediately hooked. It became his daily breakfast on this trip and ever since he’s been working to recreate this recipes that he first experienced over 10 years ago.

The Juice Truck acai bowl blend has lime and raw vanilla in it, and pineapple jam and other unique toppings like pear. What inspired your combination of ingredients and toppings for this bowl?

We’re always playing around with different recipes and mixes. We always want the end result to be nutritious without sacrificing any flavour. Coming up with the recipes is always the fun part of the job.

Photo: Alison Page
Photo: Alison Page

More and more people are turning to a plant based diet and lifestyle for it’s flurry of benefits. What are some of your favorite Juice Truck menu items and juices to suggest to someone just starting their plant based journey?

We have a little trick and it’s called Almond Butter. For anyone that is interested in incorporating more plant based foods into their diet, you can really pack in all of the leafy greens and nutrient dense vegetables, add almond butter, a frozen banana and a liquid like coconut water or almond milk and your good to go. Almond butter or a nut butter of your choice really rounds out any flavour with a memorable nutty kick.

We have a saying, “keep your #lifeinrhythm”. What does this mean to you?

Life is all about finding your balance. Whether it be through meditation, movement, food. Find that rhythm that works for you and explore different practices to find what balance looks like for you.

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