Namaste in Kauai – Q&A with Ambassador Audrey Luana Streltzer ‘Yoga With Lulu’

Here on Kauai, there’s a sense of community and true adoration for the Pacific lifestyle unlike anywhere else in the world. Our ambassador Audrey Luana Streltzer, or Lulu as most know her, is part of this community, sharing her passion and way of life through Yoga With Lulu. Hawaii born and raised, her journey with yoga began back in 1996. She has practiced and trained in many styles of yoga including Ashtanga, Anusara, Vinyasa, and Yin.

We had a chance to learn more about Lulu, her yoga, and her favorite way to eat Tambor Açaí. More about Lulu below.



What is Yoga With Lulu all about?
Yoga with lulu is about sharing the art yoga with people in such a way that keeps it fun and inspiring. Anybody and everybody can do yoga because it is about breathing and being with the moment exactly as it is. Along the way you end up feeling a whole lot better.

How long have you been teaching yoga and how did you first become interested in the practice?
I first fell in love with yoga in 1996, and ten years later I started teaching. Wow, it’s been ten years since I started teaching.

What are some of the things you love most about living on Kauai?
I love living on Kauai because it is so beautiful fresh and alive. I feel the elements so directly. I love surfing and eating food that I got to plant.

What does living ‘Life in Rhythm’ mean to you?
‘Life In Rhythm’ for me is about surrendering a need to be in control, and trusting in the interconnection of all things.

What is your favorite way to eat Tambor Açaí?
Tambor Açaí is delicious every way, but lately I like it as a smoothie with coconut milk and ginger.



Going to be on the North Shore of Kauai? Join a yoga session with Lulu. Connect with her by clicking, here.