Tambor Acai Amazon Harvest

We took a trip deep into the Brazilian jungle to document the Tambor Acai Amazon Harvest and the special community of farmers that are thriving on the growing acai trade. Through this one crop, they’re able to support their families and are as proud as we are to be apart of a sustainable and organic product trade that is also kind to the environment. We are immensely thankful to work with these farmers to bring you premium grade, organic, wild harvested acai.

Someone that knows a lot about the acai harvest is our friend Leonora Pepper. With a Masters in Forestry from Yale, she was living in Belem Brazil, studying organic certification in acai agroforestry systems as part of her Fulbright Scholar program. She shared her knowledge of acai from an agroforestry perspective with us after living it first hand, and you can read all of it here!

If you’d like to know more about Tambor Acai and what we believe in and hope for our planet, follow the link here. Thank you for supporting our harvesters, their communities, and this sustainable crop through every purchase of our acai.