Submersed in Blue – A Pipeline and Backdoor Gallery by Laserwolf

Whether you’re a surfer or just a spectator in Hawaii, there’s one event in particular that gets everyone pretty excited this time of year; the Billabong Pipe Masters. To the surfing world this is our Super Bowl, our World Series, and it all takes place on a small stretch of beach on the North Shore of Oahu.

We’ve asked our ambassador Laserwolf to compile a few of his recent favorite images of this iconic wave to give us all a glimpse into the lineup. Like these images, Pipeline and Backdoor are mesmerizing to watch, and we’re stoked to share a view only few are brave enough to experience for themselves.

Backdoor to Off The Wall is my favorite little zone of the stretch to shoot. The rights just flare up so much and are so blue.

Eli Olson is a regular out at Backdoor and always in the zone.

Gavin Beschen is the ultimate style guru with his signature bottom turn and one of my favorites to shoot out at Pipe.

Mikey Breauno probably puts in more time at Pipeline then anyone out there. He’s charging on all the good days and groveling on the worst.

Just another passerby.

The Green Room with a setting sun.

Not a bad place to call “the office.”

These turbines are no fun if they get a hold you. Guaranteed to hit the reef!

Mornings are my favorite time to shoot Pipe, I love the way the sun makes everything so vibrant and blue.

You can see what shot Laserwolf is getting and up to daily, here! And if you’re lucky enough to be on the North Shore of Oahu during the 2016 Billabong Pipe Masters, be sure to stop in at any of the following cafes for a refreshing and fueling Tambor Acai bowl or smoothie!

Crispy Grindz
Pupukea Grill
Beet Box Cafe