organic acai pulp in a side by side comparison

4 Reasons Why: Tambor’s Organic Acai Pulp

Truth be told, all organic acai pulp is not created equal.  There are some great acai brands available on the market, so what makes Tambor Acai so good?

 Here are 4 reasons to choose Tambor’s organic acai pulp:

1.  We produce only the most high quality certified organic acai pulp– Grade A Acai Especial- an official designation by the Brazilian Department of Agriculture.  Grade A is superior by having the highest proportion of acai solids.

2.  Tambor’s state of the art processing plant is only 2 hours by road from our main harvest region.  This assures that we always have the freshest organic acai pulp possible.  It will be flash frozen after arriving at the plant, which preserves optimal color, taste, and nutrition.

3.  We use no soy-based emulsifiers or other fillers.  Our acai blend is so dense with natural acai that an emulsifier is unnecessary to create a “creamy” mouth feel.  It comes naturally with Tambor.

4.  We use only wild-harvested and USDA Certified Organic acai berries.  We are Non-GMO Project verified and are proud members of 1% for the Planet as well.

Tastes good, feels good, does good.

Taste the difference and let us know what you think.