Moberi Portland – Bike Powered Blenders

Portland, and amazing city with an incredible community of people. When we think of Portland, we think of two awesome things, Portlandia the show, and Tambor açaí bowls from Moberi! Portland is home to a lot of wild ideas, and Moberi is definitely part of that scene. In addition to traditional blenders, they’ve taken the idea of DIY and turned it on its head with stationary bike blenders. As wild as it is, this is exactly what it sounds like; bike powered blenders. Owner and founder of Moberi, Ryan Carpenter, talks us through their unique smoothie and açaí bowl shops below.


1. What is Moberi all about?

Moberi’s goal is to make eating healthy approachable and fun for everyone. Offering customers the chance to pedal their own smoothie with a bike blender is one of the ways we make it fun. We also love to raise awareness for alternative forms of energy and the power of bikes!

2. Why Portland?

Portland is full of health conscious, bike friendly, adventurous people, which makes it a GREAT city to start something new like Moberi. Portland also has a vibrant food cart culture. Beginning as a food cart allowed Moberi to start small and test the idea before spending too much money on a brick and mortar space.

3. Bicycle blenders, that’s a wild idea! How did the concept for Moberi spark?

I was washing dishes for a hostel in Australia when a friend showed me a YouTube video about a Guatemalan village. The village used old bicycles to power all kinds of machines from concrete mixers to corn huskers. When I saw how the concept could be used for blenders, I knew it would be a good fit for my business idea.

4. This is such a fun way for your customers to interact. What age ranges enjoy riding your bike blenders?

The bike blender is best for those older than 7, but we have interest in the bike from all age groups. From newborns to grandparents!

5. Moberi has gotten the attention of many of national publications; what would you attribute this to?

Moberi has been very lucky over the last couple years. The shows and publications we’ve been involved with have all been on the lookout for new ideas and fun concepts. Fun and different are two of our core traits, which makes us a good fit for many of those stories. Plus, we love to show people our business!

6. As 2015 comes to a close, what was one of the highlights for Moberi this year and what are you looking forward to in 2016?

Every year that goes by and we continue to grow, I get more and more excited. 2015 was the year that we really started to get known for our acai bowls. We upgraded to Tambor Acai and now sell more bowls than smoothies. Next year, we’re planning to open more locations in Portland, add new products to the menu, and share the Moberi experience with even more people.

7. We have a saying “live your life in rhythm”; what does this mean to you?

It’s all about balance. Figure out the things that are most important and make sure all those things get attention. For our business, it’s about relationships (with our vendors, employees and customers), growth, environmental awareness, and product quality. When we improve in any one of these categories, we make sure it’s also helping in another and building towards our goal of making Moberi a fun, memorable experience for as many people as possible.





Looking for a Tambor Açaí bowl in Portland? Stop in at Moberi and bike blend your bowl!