Meet the First Winner of our Instagram Giveaway

Congratulations to Ian Delizo, this week’s winner of a 30-day supply of Tambor Açaí. Ian enjoys his Tambor Açaí from Banzai Bowls, based in Orange County. He entered our contest with an awesome photo of a custom-made açaí bowl. We had a little Q&A with him after he found out he was the first week’s winner:

How long have you been enjoying Tambor Açaí?
I started eating Tambor acai when Banzai Bowls started to carry it. I could immediately see and taste the pureness of the Açaí.

Why do you prefer Tambor Açaí better over other brands?
Being an Acai connoisseur i’ve tried many different brands of Acai and Tambor Acai just tastes better than all other brands. I really like the fact that Tambor has no “fillers” also the consistency of Tambor has no comparison.

What is your favorite way to eat Tambor Açaí?
I love the way Banzai Bowls makes their açaí bowls, and I also like to blend 5 Tambor Açaí Packs with 3oz of Guranana Syrup to make a Brazilian style bowl.

Ian’s (@acaimonstah7) açaí bowl Instagram.

For the month of July, we are giving away a month’s supply of Tambor Açaí to one fan a week. There are still three more chances for you to be our winner! Visit our Instagram @tamboracai or review the rules from our last post to win.