How To Make The Best Acai Bowl – Breakfast Criminals 5 Tips

Our acai ambassador Ksenia from Breakfast Criminals knows a thing or two about what makes a good acai bowl. Based in New York City, she started the Breakfast Criminals blog with a movement in mind. Her goal is to inspire people in every part of the globe to start every day with love, one acai bowl at a time. On her last trip to Hawaii she met up with our man Ryan and discussed on camera How To Make The Best Acai Bowl with a helpful 5 Tips. Over a delicious bowl on the North Shore of Oahu at The Beetbox Cafe, Kesnia and Ryan dive into just what makes the best acai bowl, the best. Check it out below!

If you’re not already following along and making Ksenia’s incredible recipes, do yourself a favor and get to it. Helping you make everything from Mushroom and Matcha Lattes to Acai Bowls and smoothies in your home kitchens. Plus, she’s in the know with all the cool and healthy happenings throughout the Big Apple and her daily Instagram story is ever entertaining.