How To Grow Non-GMO Papaya From Seed

Here at Tambor Açaí we encourage the practice of buying local whenever possible. Though today we’re sharing on how you can grow local. And by ‘local’ we mean in your backyard, local. Green thumb or not, the papaya is a great fruit tree to attempt growing and is very low maintenance. If the tropical sunset like color of this fruit doesn’t draw you in, its health benefits will. Papayas are a rich source of antioxidants such as carotenes and vitamin C, potassium, copper, magnesium, and fiber. All these nutrients work together to promote the health of your cardiovascular system and digestion; so how awesome would it be to be able to pick them from your own yard. We love using them in place of a typical wooden or ceramic bowl for a delicious edible papaya açaí bowl. Here are a few easy tips on how to grow Non-GMO papaya from seed.


Step 1: Spoon out the black seeds from a ripe, organic, Non-GMO papaya.


Step 2: Place seeds in well draining soil, and a full sun yet sheltered place in your garden or yard. Papayas love tropical climates and they also love to eat, so make sure you give them enough nutrients. Composting is key here.


Step 3: Water the seeds you’ve planted. Once every 2-3 days is good depending on how often it rains where you live. A papaya tree’s roots are fairly shallow and will not tolerate constantly wet conditions.


It will take about two weeks for seedlings to sprout up above soil. Flowering will occur in about about five to six months. Pick and enjoy!