Celebrating International Women’s Day with Crystal Thornburg-Homcy

Happy International Women’s Day! We’re proud and appreciative of all the ladies in our life and do not take for granted all they do and contribute to this world. International Woman’s Day should certainly not be limited to empowering our strong amazing women only today, but rather bring to light how incredible and influential they are and can be in every area of our society. We’re inspired by so many of you and definitely by our ladyslider of an ambassador, Crystal Thornburg-Homcy. She recently released this amazing short film, all shot on 16mm film by her husband Dave Homcy. We’re inspired and if you’ve got 5mins, we know you will be too. Watch and read more about the film, below.


“Sliding into the Light” a new short film featuring Crystal Thornburg-Homcy, is a meditation on loss, renewal, and our connection to the sea. From childhood to motherhood, the film explores the challenges of femininity and the strength and support that the ocean provides. While the surf film genre is traditionally a portrait of unattainable perfection, “Sliding into the Light” encourages us to find beauty in everyday challenges. Shot entirely on 16mm film by Dave Homcy.

Created by Crystal Thornburg-Homcy & Simon Beins
Produced by Damian Handisides
Original Music by Simon Beins
Cinematography by Dave Homcy
Additional Cinematography by Erik Knutson

"Sliding Into The Light" from Dave Homcy on Vimeo.