Blogger Breakfast Criminals Joins Us In The Amazon

If there’s one person that may be as acai obsessed as we are, it’s got to be our friend Ksenia, AKA founder and superfood blogger Breakfast Criminals. About 3 years ago she tried acai in Hawaii for the first time and from then on has never looked at superfoods the same. And how could she? Acai is a powerful little berry, packed with essential nutrients and deliciousness that your body needs.

We were so stoked to have Ksenia along on our recent trip to Brazil. During the trip we went deep into the Amazon jungle where we showed her first hand where our Organic acai is grown and harvested. Her world as a blogger has revolved around acai, but she’s never experienced acai like this! Here’s a recap of the trip through her eyes, and tastebuds!

Click over to the Breakfast Criminals Blog to get your daily fix of recipes, self-wellness, and a guide to all things acai! You’ll never eat a superfood the same.


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