Acai Facts – How Does Acai Grow?

Through your inquiries to know more about acai, we’ve gathered up some facts that you many not already know. Today we’re answering the question; How Does Acai Grow?

In short: Acai grows on a palm.

In more detail: Euterpe Oleracea is the acai fruit bearing species of the Euterpe palm family [ 7 in total ].



The acai palm can reach heights up to 80ft! This somehow doesn’t seem to intimidate the harvesters we’ve met whom climb them every year. All palms produce between 4 and 8 cacho per year, which bears multiple strands of acai berries on each. The Amazon is the largest rainforest in the world and where one third of all animal and plant species can be found. The acai palm is just one of these plants that grows wild. Native to this region, it loves the climate and needs plenty of water.

In appearance, the acai palm features a green to dark purplish trunk, with long arching and closely spaced drooping leaflets; giving the extended fronds a slightly weeping posture. Most Euterpe plants have multiple trunks that arise out of a relatively small base, and grow outwardly in all directions. Nearly all the Euterpe species are ornamental, not bearing edible fruit. Extremely abundant and in areas of deforestation, Euterpe Oleracea is usually the first tree to grow back. As the popularity of acai continues to rise, it has brought valuable forms of income to many communities, all while maintaining the natural state of the rainforest.


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