3 Ways To A Healthy Holiday Season

The Holidays, it’s one of our favorite times of year. Gatherings with friends and family, seemingly endless surf, and dancing around the dessert table. But fear not healthy routines! We’ve got a few ways you can stay on the path to wellness through the coming weeks. Whether you’ve been on this journey awhile, or you’re just starting to gain some ground on a healthy lifestyle, these are simple things you can implement into your routine today and into 2017. Here’s what we think are a great 3 Ways To A Healthy Routine This Holiday Season…


1. Cook With Healthy Ingredients

Take a look in your kitchen and ask yourself, ‘Are these the best ingredients to fuel my body?’. Reach for a few alternative things the next time you go grocery shopping. Buy organic, buy what you can locally, and buy what’s in season when cooking this Holiday season. Step out of your typical routine. Try substituting in pure maple syrup instead of refined white sugar, gluten-free flour instead of bleached flour, or a nut milk instead of dairy milk. Sure they don’t taste the same, because they shouldn’t, but it’s small adjustments like this that can make all the difference.


2. Fuel Up

The Holidays are a busy time of year for everyone. With all the dinner parties, get-togethers, and family events, you’ll want your days well fueled to keep your body in rhythm. Get your purple in with an acai bowl or smoothie to start the day.


3. Get Active

Run the beach, chase the kids around the playground, take a hike. There’s absolutely no need to wait until January 1st to get active! Happy Holidays are healthy Holidays.