3 Tips For Making The Best Acai Bowl

If you’re new here, you may have stumbled upon our blog and are wondering “What is an Acai Bowl?”. So to put it simply, an acai bowl is the blend of frozen acai pulp, harvested from the Brazilian Amazon, and blended with other fruit, with ingredients such as granola, honey, and bananas as toppings. There are a lot of people and cafes making açaí bowls out there, and everyone is entitled to their tastebuds and way they like their bowl best. Here at Tambor we’re a fan of the traditional way to make an açaí bowl, like how you might find in Brazil. That being said, we’re all about keeping it fresh and experiment with blends and toppings. Though when we’re addressing the basics, we feel there are some key points that can make or break a bowl. Here’s our 3 Tips For Making The Best Acai Bowl.


0. Premium Açaí

This is a bit of a given to us so we won’t include it in the list of 3. However, we thought it was important to note that when you want ‘the best’ you gotta start with the best. If you Google ‘Açaí Berry’ you’ll see that it’s very deep purple. Thats what you’re looking for in all frozen açaí pulp. Our açaí is rated Grade A Especial, meaning it’s the good stuff, the highest grade of açaí and purity you can get actually 🙂


1. Frozen Ingredients

Utilizing frozen fruit, like bananas, is going to give you that creamy, thick, soft sorbet-like consistency you want. Unfrozen fruit will change the texture a bit and have a more ‘airy’ consistency, and may end up a little soupy.


2. A High Speed Blender

They’re a bit of a splurge on the front end, but any good açaí addict knows a high speed blender is a must. The Vita Mix blenders are our go-tos. No others quite compare, and the manual Tamper is a key feature. This really makes it easy to get that thick açaí blend.


3. Açaí Bowl Toppings

The possibilities are seemingly endless when it comes to açaí bowl toppings. In Brazil they keep it fairly simple with sliced bananas, granola, and honey. We’re fans of fresh fruit, strawberries, blueberries, kiwi, papaya, mango; whatever’s in season. Granola, rawnola, chopped nuts, coconut shreds, bee pollen, goji berries, cacao nibs… we could go on. And don’t forget about these fan favorite Tambor recipes, the two ingredient Peanut Butter Magic Shell and the Cacao version!

We hope these pointers help you make the best acai bowl ever! If they do, we wanna see! Hashtag #TamborRecipe on Instagram for a chance to have your bowl featured!