3-Ingredient Acai Bowl Recipe3 Ingredient Acai Bowl Adriana Harlan

3-Ingredient Acai Bowl Recipe

Ever wanted to know how to make a 3-Ingredient Acai Bowl? Well, we’ve got you covered.

We teamed up with our good friend and recipe creator extraordinaire, Adriana from Living Healthy With Chocolate to bring you a visual guide to making a simple and traditional 3-Ingredient Acai Bowl. Full recipe below!

And for bonus points, here’s 3 Tips For Making The Best Acai Bowl.

3-Ingredient Traditional Acai Bowl Recipe

2-3 Tambor Acai packs, Traditional packs or Mix packs
1/2 Frozen Organic Banana, or 1 whole Organic Apple Banana [ we highly reccomend you freeze you banana and feel it’s an essential step for achieving a thick blend ]
2oz Filtered Water, or just enough to get your blender turning

Blend all ingredients together. Pour into your favorite acai bowl of choice, and top with sliced banana and fresh fruits, coconut shreds, granola, and honey. There are a lot of options we love, though a Traditional Acai Bowl will feature minimal toppings with sliced banana, granola, and honey.

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