1% For The Planet – We Love Giving Back, and You’re Helping!

Here at Tambor we’re pretty big fans of this amazing place called Earth. Giving back and taking care of it is in our DNA and we’re proud to continue doing so through 1% For The Planet. We’re just one of the thousands of businesses supporting non-profit organizations around the globe that share this philosophy. Each purchase of Tambor Açaí is directly contributing. Every bowl counts and our planet thanks you!

This interview with 1% For The Planet Co-Founder and Founder of Patagonia, Yvon Chouinard says some wise words that we too feel strongly about.

Here’s what our Founders Daniel and his wife Talia had to say about why they chose 1% For The Planet.

“…we joined the 1% as we just thought it was the responsible thing to do. Our company relies 100% on nature to produce this wonderful gift called Açaí. Our active lifestyles are also entirely dependent on a healthy, balanced planet. So for us it just seemed like more of an obligation than a choice. Açaí has given so much to so many of us, so returning the favor was a no brainer. We also like that our customers are included in the cause, being that it’s their 1%. Being a member of 1% For The Planet makes us proud to be in business and also joins us with other like minded, responsible companies. Also, the 1% checks are the funnest to sign ;)”

This year our 1% donations went to:

Waipa Foundation

Save the Waves

Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii