Acai Bowl Building Blocks Pt. 2: Bananas

Tambor Instagram Acai Bowl
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In part 1 of this series on making a traditional acai bowl we talked about using honey.  In part 2, it’s all about the banana. The banana is a super fruit in it’s own right and an integral part of the acai bowl.  It adds the body and creaminess while filling you up.

Bananas can be used fresh or frozen in an acai bowl.  Use frozen for a thick and icy cold acai bowl. Used fresh,  they bring the texture without the temperature.  For a sweeter acai bowl use a fully ripened or over ripened banana, the sugars will be intensified.  For a more sour experience use a slightly green banana.  Interestingly, green bananas have special health benefits.  simple rule of portion is 1 small banana for 2 pouches of Tambor Acai, enough for 1 regular size acai bowl.  Blend the acai and banana until both are well mixed.  Sliced bananas go great on top as a finishing touch, drizzled with honey and crunchy granola.   See here for a complete acai bowl recipe by Dan, Tambor Acai’s founder.

Tambor Acai is a Hawaii based company with roots in Brazil.  In both places there are a number of different banana varietals to grow and taste.

Have you heard of the cuban red, the apple banana,  ice cream banana, or the popo’ulu? These are some of the more common exotics in Hawaii.  Each variety will have a special flavor and texture.  But when it comes down to it, we use whatever banana is ripe and available.

The banana is an awesome fruit with the perfect wrapper which, in just days, disappears into the environment, an inspiration when it comes to environmentally friendly packaging. As a company and as individuals, we are continuously seeking ways to limit waste, in our business and in the garbage can.  While we have to use plastic in our food-grade packaging for the time being,  we are keeping an eye out for an alternative that can meet the demands of safe and effective food packaging while also being naturally biodegradable.  For us it’s not just about a better acai bowl, it’s about a better world.  One way we practice this is by being a proud member of 1% for the planet.